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Training (2021)

Trainings (2021)

Sl.Training TitleDateClienteleVenueTotalDiscipline
1Scientific methods of sheep and goat rearing04.01.2021F & FWKaranji25Animal Science
2Protected cultivation of vegetable crops05.01.2021F & FWBangirisingha,Badamba25Horti.
3New Agro-techniques in vegetable production07.01.2021 to 11.01.2021F & FWKVK Cuttack25Horti.
4Scientific methods of sheep and goat rearing08.01.2021F & FWGodadhua50Animal Science
5Method of increase of Nitrogen use efficiency in rice.11.01.2021F & FWBadamba25Soil science
6Preparation of low cost nutritious diet for children and pregnant women13.01.2021F & FWTangi, Choudwar25Home Science
7Export potential flower: Gerbera cultivation15.01.2021F & FWPathapur,Banki-225Horti.
8Method of increase of Nitrogen use efficiency in rice.16.01.2021F & FWSalipur25Soil science
9Leadership development and entrepreneurship development through SHGs20.01.2021F & FWSalepur25Home Science
10Nutritional management in Mango and Banana08.02.2021F & FWVeda, Ramachandrapur25Horti.
11Nutritional management in Mango and Banana17.02.2021F & FWAnuary25Horti.
12Dairy farming and management for higher income generation19.02.2021F & FWChhagharia25Animal Science
13Dairy farming and management for higher income generation22.02.2021F & FWBiswanathpur25Animal Science
14Method of soil sample collection22.02.2021F & FWSalipur25Soil science
15Nutrient management in marigold and Tuberose22.02.2021F & FWNiscintakoili25Horti.
16Parasitic infestations and their management in livestock25.02.2021F & FWChhagharia25Animal Science
17Parasitic infestations and their management in livestock27.02.2021Extension FunctionariesMahulasahi25Animal Science
18Method of soil sample collection.27.02.2021F & FWTangi25Soil science
19Clean milk production16.03.2021F & FWSundarda, Niali25Animal Science
20Clean milk production17.03.2021F & FWMohanpur, Salipur25Animal Science
21Clean milk production18.03.2021RYKadei, Tangi25Animal Science
22Clean milk production19.03.2021RYBadamba25Animal Science
23Balanced feed preparation for livestock20.03.2021F & FWBlock Office, Badamba25Animal Science
24Balanced feed preparation for livestock21.03.2021F & FWGadadharpur, Badamba25Animal Science
25Feeds and Fodder Management of Livestock22.03.2021F & FWManapur, Badamba25Animal Science
26Feeds and Fodder Management of Livestock23.03.2021F & FWTunapur, Badamba25Animal Science
27Method of soil sample collection27.03.2021F & FWKVK Cuttack25Soil science
28Integrated Nutrient Management in Rice25.08.2021F & FWNischintakoil25Soil science
29Integrated Nutrient Management in Rice31.08.2021F & FWTangi25Soil science
30Paddy straw mushroom cultivation by using threshed straw as substrate24.08.2021 F & FWKankali Cuttack25Home Science
31Paddy straw mushroom cultivation by sing threshed straw as substrate19.08.2021F & FWBadamba, Cuttack25Home Science
32Scientific Poultry Rearing25.08.2021F & FWBalisamala, Salipur25Animal Science
33Scientific Poultry Rearing27.08.2021F & FWLaptuan, Mahanga25Animal Science
34Scientific Poultry Rearing28.08.2021F & FWKankali25Animal Science
35Management of Nutritional garden10.09.2021F & FWNiali25Home Science
36Management of Nutritional garden12.09.2021F & FWGhantalo, Nischintkoili25Home Science
37Leadership and entrepreneurship development through SHGs 28.09.2021F & FWBeliapal, Badamba25Home Science
38Off season vegetable cultivation02.09.2021F & FWJaripada25Horti.
39Improved method of nursery raising in vegetables06.09.2021F & FWManpur25Horti.
40Off season vegetable cultivation09.09.2021F & FWUsuma25Horti.
41Improved method of nursery raising in vegetables20.09.2021F & FWPathapur25Horti.
42Scientific Prevention of FMD in livestock15.09.2021F & FWGhantalo25Animal Science
43Scientific Prevention of FMD in livestock18.09.2021F & FWGaneswarpur25Animal Science
44Parasitic Infestations & their Management in Livestock 23.09.2021F & FWGhantalo25Animal Science
45Parasitic Infestations & their Management in Livestock 25.09.2021F & FWGodadhua25Animal Science
46Scientific Goat Farming for Enterprise Generation18.10.2021 To 22.10.2021RYKVK Cuttack25Animal Science
47Scientific Mushroom Cultivation for Enterprise Development26.10.2021 To 28.10.2021RY25Home Science
48Balanced Feeding of Livestock06.11.2021 To 10.11.2021EFKVK Cuttack25Animal Science
49Acid soil management for higher production25.12.2021F & FWBadamba25Soil Science
50Scientific Poultry Rearing27.11.2021 To 01.12.2021RYKVK Cuttack25Animal Science
51New Agro-techniques in vegetable production06.12.2021 toEFKVK Cuttack25Horti.
52Method of seed production in vegetable20.12.2021 to 24.12.2021RYKVK Cuttack25Horti.
53Acid soil management for higher production22.12.2021F &FWNiali25Soil science
54Commercial production of Organic inputs20.12.2021-24.12.2021RYKVK Cuttack25Soil science
55Balanced Feed Preparation of Livestock22.12.2021F & FWBhagatpur25Animal Science
56Balanced Feed Preparation of Livestock24.12.2021F & FWHaladibasanta25Animal Science