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Training (2022)


Sl.Training TitleDateClienteleVenueTotalDiscipline
1Feeding and fodder management of livestock01.01.2022F & FWKanjia25Animal Science
2Scientific Dairy Management03-05.01.2022F & FWKVK Cuttack40Animal Science
3Feeding and fodder management of livestock10.01.2022F & FWSundarada25Animal Science
4Small farm equipment repairing and maintenance16.03.2022F & FWKVK Cuttack50Soil science
5INM in Rice15.07.2022F & FWNiscintakoili25Soil science
6INM in Rice18.07.2022F & FWTangi25Soil science
7Mushroom cultivation for income generation 20.07.2022F & FWBidharpur, Badamba25Home Science
8Household food security by nutritional gardening 23.07.2022F & FWBandalo, Tangi-Choudwar25Home Science
9Off-Season Vegetable Cultivation22.7.2022F & FWNARASINGHPUR25Horti.
10Improved method of nursery raising in vegetables26.7.2022F & FWNAPANGA, TANGI25Horti.
11Scientific Poultry Rearing18.07.2022F & FWSamasarpur, Mahanga25Animal Science
12Scientific Poultry Rearing19.07.2022F & FWKayalpada, Tangi-Choudwar25Animal Science
13Scientific Poultry Rearing21.07.2022F & FWSardala, Tangi-Choudwar25Animal Science
14Scientific Poultry Rearing23.07.2022F & FWBhagatpur, Tangi-Choudwar25Animal Science
15Scientific methods of sheep and goat rearing25.07.2022F & FWAgrahat, Tangi-Choudwar25Animal Science
16Scientific methods of sheep and goat rearing26.07.2022F & FWKandala, Tangi-Choudwar25Animal Science
17 Advances in sheep and goat management01.08.2022 to 05.08.2022Extension FunctionariesKVK Cuttack25Animal Science
18Mushroom Cultivation for income generation10.08.2022F & FWKaitha, Mahanga25Home Science
19Off Season Vegetable Cultivation10.08.2022F & FWBaliapada, N.koili25Horti.
20Household food security by nutritional gardening19.08.2022F & FWPaschimkachha, Salipur25Home Science
21Propagation Techniques in Horticultural crops26.08.2022 to 30.08.2022RYKVK Cuttack25Horti.
22Mushroom Production for entrepreneurship development05.09.2022 to 09.09.2022RYKVK Cuttack25Home Science
23Improved method of nursery raising in vegetables08.09.2022F & FWNarasinghpur25Horti.
24INM in Vegetable Crops21.09.2022F & FWSalipur25Horti.
25Leadership Development among women SHGs. 10.10.2022F & FWSalipur25Home Science
26Leadership Development among women SHGs. 15.11.2022F & FWTangi25Home Science
27Feed and fodder management of livestock23.11.2022F & FWDudhianali, Cuttack25Animal Science